It is a fact that language of a community passes the meanings and understanding of a particular community. There are so many languages spoken in the world and particularly in Pakistan. There are four to six languages spoken in Pakistan and the language of the brave race is one of them. Balochi is the language of the Baloch race. Actually Balochi's have migrated from Saudi Arabia and Iran. Persian is the national language of the people of Iran. So Balochi speaking people are the old Iranians. The Balochi language resembles with the Persian language. Baluchi is a very soft-spoken beautiful language. Although the literacy rate of Balochi's have been very low still some scholars have translated Bible and the Holy Qur'an in Baluchi. The language does not have a script of it's own, it uses Urdu and Arabic has it's script.

The Language Is Further Divided According To The Area In Which The Balochi People Live .


1,730,000 in Pakistan (1981 census);

5,000 in India (1977);

1,735,000 in all countries.

3,800,000 all Balochi in Pakistan (1981 census);

5,000,000 total Balochi speakers, all varietiess (1995 WA).

Northeastern Balochistan Province, northwestern Sind, southwestern Pun jab. Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, Northwestern, Baluchi. One of the major language s in Pakistan. Distinct from Western Balochi of Pakistan, Afghan istan, Iran, Turk menistan; and Southern Balochi of Pakistan, Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates. Urdu script used. Baluchi is a literary language, wi th a small body of literature. Radio broadcasts. 5% to 15% literate. Sunni Muslim.


2,350,000 in Pakistan (1996);

130,000 in Oman (1995);

100,000 in United Arab Emirates;

405,000 in Iran;

2,985,300 in all countries.

Southern Balochistan, southern Sind, Karachi., Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Weste rn, Northwestern, Baluchi. Dialects: COASTAL BALOCHI, KECHI, MAKRAN I (LOTUNI). Distinct from Eastern Balochi and fairly distinct from Western B alochi. Balochi is a literary language with a small body of literature. Urdu sc ript is used. 5% to 15% literate. Sunni Muslim, and about 700,000 Zigri (Zikri) sect (semi-Muslim).


1,000,000 in Pakistan (1996);

451,000 in Iran;

200,000 in Afghanistan;

28,000 in Turkmenistan (1993);

4,842 in Tajikistan;

1,670,000 in all countries.

Northwestern Balochistan Province., Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, North western, Baluchi. Dialects: RAKHSHANI (RAXSHANI), SARAWANI. Baloch i is the official spelling in Pakistan. It is a literary language with a small bod y of literature. Urdu script is used. 5% to 15% literate. Sunni Muslim.


A few thousand (1987).

Southeast Baluchistan Province, southwest Sind., Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan , Northwestern zone, Sindhi. May be intelligible with Sindhi. People called J ats. Distinct from Jakati of Afghanistan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Russian Ce ntral Asia. Below 5% literate. Muslim.



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